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6 reasons Why people avoid you

These are the most things that make others keep away from you and make you do not have a lot of friends:

1. YOU do not care about your close friends:
If you do not care what is happening in the lives of your friends ,they will not stand by you. It is important to show your interest when you interact with your friends in order not to feel that you ignore their feelings.

2. YOU always seek competition:
there isn’t a place for competition among friends. Be always ready to give rather than focusing on such useless things.

3. YOU expect a lot from friends:
If you expect that your friend are always available to meet your needs, you will often get disappointed. Sometimes you may feel that your friends hurt your feelings because of that. That does not mean they do not love you but they are busy with other things. So try to learn tolerance when your feelings are hurt.

4. YOU are Interested in gossip:
If you do not stop gossip in front of your friends, your friends may realize that they have their turn , and it is likely avoid you for this reason. So do not spread rumors or talk negatively about other people .try to respect the privacy of others.

5. YOU conspire on your friends:
If you are abusing your friends with a lot of commands, people do not like this. I do not mind to be firm with people, but you must not confuse between assertiveness and behaving aggressively. You have to respect the rights of others.

6. You are jealous:
If you feel jealous when one of your friends buys a new car or get a promotion at work, it is likely to lead to problems between you. It is very important that you share your friends ‘ happiness while achieving success.

reasons Why people avoid you

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