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Reasons Why Men Should Date Single Mothers

Everyone knows that the dating game can be cruel, and that it can deal a mean blow to ones ego. For girls, the blow is harshest when they find that men prefer young pretty women. And if the girl happens to be a single mother, her chances are even slimmer. However, there are some good reasons why men should ignore the “majority preference” way of thinking and give single mothers a chance.

1- Single mothers are resilient. They don’t break in the face of hardships. They are well past the phase of panicking over a broken nail. In fact, they have lived through hardships that can push some to suicide (such as divorces or failed relationships) and came out in one piece.

2- Single mothers are level-headed, and they have their wits about them at all times. This is probably the result of raising younger ones which can be one of the most difficult challenges in life, and it is the one challenge that will make you grow up no matter how much of a baby you were before.

3- Single mothers are happy with and are thankful for the tiniest things. Mothers are always taken for granted, they have to give and sacrifice at all times, and it is really rare when anyone notices their efforts. When one DOES notice and appreciate their efforts and complement them with a kind word or a simple present, they are very appreciative of it.

4- They don’t want your full attention 24/7. Girls in their twenties whine when their men don’t text them every two hours or so. Single mothers know what it means to have a day crammed with responsibilities.

5- They know what they want from life. Being responsible for others’ lives kinda has this effect on you. You would have to realize your full potential, make a list of goals best suited to your abilities and put all that into action.

Reasons Why Men Should Date Single Mothers

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