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Five Reasons Why You May Not Be Losing Weight

You are working really hard to lose weight, but for some reason no matter how many calories you cut back on or how many times you hit the gym and how hard you really work it seems like you are not losing weight at the rate you should, there are many reasons why you may not be losing weight and on this article we will inform you of the five most common reasons for not losing weight despite the hard tries, so read on.

1- Lake Of Sleep.

Although sleeping seems to be such an effortless enjoyable thing to do, you just get in your bed, get comfortable and shift to dreamland, however enough sleep is the key for all the body organs and systems to function properly, including your metabolism, so no matter how hard you work out, how discipline you are with the food you eat, lake of sleep will not allow you to lose weight on a fast rate as you should.
However good sleep is never a substitute for exercising and a discipline diet, although it will be really nice to stuff ourselves with as many sweeties and candies as we need then take a comfortable long sleep and still lose weight, but this is not how it works, all factors work together, exercising, healthy diet along with enough and comfortable sleep.

2- Gaining Muscle Mass.

Another reason why you may not be losing weight on the scale is that your body is actually building muscles, some people are so disparate to get their scale numbers to go down to the point that they end up sacrificing important muscle tissues along with water and minerals to get their scale numbers to drop, but that will only build a weak body not a healthy and perfectly looking body, however you need to realize that, you should not be focused on losing weight but on losing body fat.
So the ideal suggestion for you is to instead of measuring how much you weight everyday with a scale you just use a measurement tape to find out how much fat you lost around your belly, thighs and arms.

3- Habituation.

Your body can quickly get used to the challenges you are putting it in front of, and once your body get used to these challenges it won’t respond anymore, that can be the reason why you are not losing weight, if you are following the same exercising and diet regime daily, your body will just get used to it and won’t respond anymore, so in this case what you need to do it, to change the number of calories you consume regularly and change the type of exercising by either exercising harder regularly or following various and different exercising regimes.

4- Slow Cardio.

High intensity interval cardio training is the fastest way that will help you lose weight, it is made of short periods of intensive cardio trainings combined with shorter resting periods, 20 seconds cardio followed by 10 seconds rest, for maximum weight lose, you should follow this cycle at least eight times in each exercise you do.

5- Heavy Weights Training.

Mainly women try to avoid heavy weights training because of their fear to build up muscles and look muscly instead of look toned and nice, however women are naturally not able to build big muscles like men that’s because they have 16 times less testosterone than men, however the heavy weights will help to tone and sculpt the muscles while still helping to burn fat.

Reasons Why You May Not Be Losing Weight

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