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Reasons Why both You and Your Kids Should Play Outside Often

Ok, so maybe I am not the best one to toot this horn. After all, I have grown up in a very confined environment where fun and games simply meant playing videogames and watching TV. However, as I grew up (with below minimum levels of stamina and extra pounds) I came to realize how unnatural my style of living was. I started to change it and now I am trying to do that with my kids too. Here is why I think you should do it as well;

1- Did you know that some schools promote teaching outside? Not just science practical lessons and such, but any type of lessons. Did you also know that students at these schools achieve better on tests?

2- Playing outside provides enough practice for your eyes. Your eyes register what is close, very close, far and very far. Whereas in classrooms they are stuck at the blackboard at a fixed space at all times. This eye-exercise makes your eyes less prone to vision problems such as nearsightedness.

3- Playing outside makes you used to being outside. Being, outside develops many healthy habits and values, such as loving and respecting nature, walking and moving a lot, breathing fresh renewed air, etc.

4- Children who play outside in natural surroundings and open spaces vent stress more easily, and thus are less likely to get into fights or bully others.

5- Various studies have proven that kids who play outside score better results in self-discipline and concentration tests.

6- Children who have ADHD but play outside often – and I am not going to sugarcoat this – give their parents some slack. The symptoms of their disorder are much milder compared to ADHD children who don’t play outside.

Kids Should Play Outside

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