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5 Reasons Why You Should Eliminate Social Media from Your Life

Social media are computer and internet based tools, and to make it easier for those who are more into examples than definitions, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc are all examples of such tools. Seeing as these tools are a huge part of everyone’s life right now, I think it would horrify you to give them up. However, I will state the reasons why you should do that in this article.

1- These tools waste time. They have wasted so much of MY time, even though I just use them when it is necessary (buying things online, looking for jobs, examining the updates on my study group, etc). I don’t know why, but I can’t resist all the distractions and time is always wasted when I use social media.

2- All internet problems are prone to happen to you if you use social media. If you are selling something online and are using social media for this, envious competitors will try to sabotage your business. If you have just split up with a sorry excuse for a man, he might try to badmouth you using social media. The list goes on and on.

3- You meet hundreds of friend, but just online. There is no face to face communication. There are no true expressions and feelings. Every kind of communication is delivered through emoticons and typed words.

4- It is even said that Facebook and other social media tools invade your privacy and let others watch your comments, even private ones. You might be talking privately that you need a new smartphone only to notice that a company is contacting you soon after making offers about smartphone deals.

5- Some criminals find social media a good method to vent their sick desires. Horrible things such as blackmailing, child pornography and abuse, online bank accounts thefts and many others happen using social media and the perpetrators rarely get caught.

Reasons Why You Should Eliminate Social Media from Your Life

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