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Reasons why you shouldn’t drink cola

1-Each can of Coca-Cola contain the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar which is sufficient to destroy vitamin B. The deficiency of vitamin B leads to poor digestion, poor infrastructure, neurological disorders, headaches, insomnia, depression and muscle spasms.

2-It contains carbon dioxide, which leads to prevent the stomach of important salivary yeasts in the process of digestion and that when ingested with food or after it and leads to the abolition of the role of the digestive enzymes produced by the stomach and thus to obstruct the process of digestion.

3-It contains caffeine, which leads to increased heart rate, high blood pressure, diabetes, increased infection acidity and increases the hormones in the blood.

4-It contains phosphorous acids which lead to brittle and weak bones, especially in adolescence that causes erosion of the teeth enamel protective layer.

5- Acidity rate in soft drinks (Ph), for example, Pepsi-Coca and Coca-Cola is (Ph = 4) and this degree of acidity is sufficient to dissolve teeth and bones over time.

6-Dissolved calcium accumulates in the veins, skin cells and vital organs which has a bad effect on the function of kidney and causes kidney gallstone.

7- Soft drinks do not provide any nutrition for the body, but they contain more sugar and acids as well as preservatives and coloring materials.

8-Some people prefer a fizzy cold drink after a meal. This act affects the work of the digestive enzymes as the normal body temperature is the perfect temperature for the action of enzymes. So, food isn’t digested well, leading to the formation of gases and some types of toxins that circulate with the blood to the cells of the body which eventually leads to many diseases.

9- When you drink soda, you swallow large amounts of carbon dioxide gas.

10- Before a short period ,a competition was held in the university of Delhi in India, ” who drinks the largest amount of Pepsi-Cola ?”,the winner drank eight cans of Coca-Cola and died in the same place due to the high dioxide ratio of carbon in the blood, resulting in not being able to get too much oxygen.

Reasons why you shouldn't drink cola

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