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For these reasons you don’t lose belly fat

Do you suffer from the problem of excess weight, especially in the abdominal area? Did you try every possible way starting with the many diets and ending with exercises and weird gizmos and tools but you did not reach the result you are looking for? in this article, you will find why your endeavors to get rid of belly fat fail.

* exercising in a wrong way:
It is true that walking or jogging help to weight loss in general, but to get rid of belly fat you will need to do special exercises that will help you to burn calories, stretch and tighten the muscles and lose fat accumulated in this area.

*Consuming much processed foods:
Studies have shown that processed foods, such as refined grains and others, hinder your loss of abdominal fat because of their involvement in causing infections that lead to accumulation of fat in this area. Therefore, you should replace them with other natural foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

*Stress and tension:
Tension and stress have a lot to do with not losing weight. When you are stressed, your body produces hormone cortisol, which many studies have proven its relationship with obesity and gaining weight, especially in the abdomen area. Therefore, try to stay away from stress as much as possible and regularly exercise to get rid of stress.

*Not sleeping well:
Contrary to popular belief that sleeping helps to increase weight, slowing down your metabolism and burning fat. Sleeping fewer hours than normal has healthy and mental disadvantages, including gaining weight. So, try to sleep 8 hours a day in order to ensure losing abdominal fat.

*Your age:
Age plays a big role in losing abdominal fat because weight loss rates vary according to your age. The more your age advanced the slower will be the process of losing weight and thus you will need more effort to lose belly fat.

reasons you don’t lose belly fat

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