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4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Cola Even If You Won’t Drink It

You must have heard by now about all the disastrous effects of cola and how harmful it can be to your health (and most importantly for me, to the waistline).

However, all of this is no reason to shun cola altogether. Believe me there are many reasons why you should get cola even if you won’t drink it, such as:

1- Cola is a very handy and effective rust remover. So if the your garden shed’s door lock is jammed because of rust, you don’t need to vent your negativity at it with your feet. Just put some cola in a spray bottle and spray the lock with it to unjam it and get rid of the rust.

2- Ok, now that we have gotten rid of the rust in the garden shed, let us get rid of the pesky garden snails. Someone might have told you to sprinkle salt in your garden which can be very effective IF snails chance to stumble upon it. However you can get rid of snails fast and easy by putting a bowl on the garden floor and filling it with cola. The snails will be drawn out with the sweetness and killed by the acidity.

3- Although cola can be harmful for your skin if you drink it, it can be very useful to it if you add it to your skin masks (go figure!). This is mostly due to the high acidity and sugar content which are both therapeutic elements in topical skin treatments.

4- Cola can give your hair lovely natural looking curls. Just wet your hair with it, let it set for ten minutes, and rinse it. Voila! You have gorgeous curls without pricy chemicals.

Buy Cola Even If You Won't Drink It