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6 Reasons Why Your Baby’s Teeth Are Discolored

Temporary teeth are these teeth that start erupting in your baby’s mouth when he/she is six months old until they are two to three years old, and then they fall off later with the eruption of permanent teeth. Many people neglect taking proper care of these teeth since they are temporary. As a result, these teeth might get discolored for various reasons.

1- The enamel layer of the teeth is weak. And this might happen not just because you don’t take enough care of your baby’s teeth. In some cases, malnutrition and even the family’s DNA are responsible as well for the fragility of this layer.

2- Plaque is damaging the teeth. Plaque is the main culprit for almost every problem that happen to teeth. So, it is natural to include it as a reason for your baby’s teeth discoloration as well. The simplest, most effective and most traditional cure for plaque is regular proper brushing.

3- Some people like their teeth extra white, so they make – or buy – teeth whitening formulas. It is fine to use them if you are only using them twice a week tops, but some people use them much more, and even use them to wash their babies’ fragile teeth which can be really dangerous and lead to their discoloration

4- Medicine can cause discoloration or stains for teeth as well. It could happen when a mother takes tetracycline antibiotic during pregnancy, and it could also happen when the baby is given supplements or medicines that contain iron.

5- It is rather common for newborn babies to have jaundice a little time after birth. One of the symptoms of jaundice in newborns is that whitish green color of the teeth.

6- Some illnesses can cause temporary teeth discoloration, such as heart disease, hepatitis, and gum injuries or infections.

Reasons Why Your Baby's Teeth Are Discolored

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