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5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Online Shopping

Many people like online shopping for obvious reasons. It saves time and gas. It gets you merchandise quickly and easily without having to stop in lines. It keeps you updated about sales and offers. And it lets you buy whatever you want even if it is something that isn’t available on stores, or something you don’t want others to see. However, I advise against it for the following reasons.

1- You think that all you have to pay is the merchandise’s price? Think again! Even if you are online shopping from a company that is right next to your house, you are still paying a handsome fee for shipping. Sometimes shipping fee is even more than the price for the goods.

2- You can’t haggle. People can save a lot of money by haggling, and it can be fun as well. However, you can’t haggle when online shopping. You may benefit from offers and such, but you can’t haggle.

3- You are ripped off. You buy something brand new online, and just few days after, you find it sold for half the price you paid for it and at a close by mall to top it off. Also, you can’t complain because it is not like anyone has forced you to buy it.

4- Shopping can reduce stress. The little walk, the change of scenery, the little communication, the joy of buying what you want or finding new things you might want are all things that relieve stress. Online shopping, however, doesn’t relieve stress.

5- You can’t check the merchandise directly. This means you might shill out much for low quality merchandise. Many online sies do anything to convince buyers their merchandise is anything but what it really is.

Reasons Why You Should Avoid Online Shopping

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