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The Reason Why Some Women Are Just So Prone To Acne Breakouts

Despite our hard efforts (sleeping on all pillowcases, regularly exfoliating out faces and religiously getting rid of makeup every night) some of us still unfortunately end up with Zits breakouts along the way. Is the quest of having a freak-outs life free real?

While some women try too hard to avoid Zits and they still end up with breakouts, some other women haven’t experienced having a zit since the age of 16, why is that? Turns out our genes have a strong say over our tendency to have breakouts or not. Yes it is true ladies, it might not be your fault and you may not be doing anything wrong with your skin-care regime. Your genes determine how your skin react to environmental factors, stress, food and hormones.

Our hormones for example, they stimulate our oil glands in the skin to produce a substance called sebum, this substance feed the Acnes-causing bacteria and clog up the pores which explains why you may be seeing Acnes pop ups every now and then. But even though this is the case with everyone, not all women end up with breakouts. The reason is that, our skin is different, dry skin for example makes use of that oil produced while oil skin just doesn’t know what to do with that much oil, so it clogs up and break out. Also the amount of oil and sebum produced vary in from a woman to the other.

Honestly, even doctors are still not exactly sure how hormones and diet impact the tendency of Zits and Acnes breakouts yet, but several researches are going on nowadays to study the issue closely so hopefully we will have a better conclusion to tell you soon. But in the meantime, there are some proven easy steps you can follow to sidestep your luck with your genes and avoid Acnes all together even if you are very prone to them.

– Reduce Your Sugar.

Foods that are rich in sugar or starch like white bread, pasta and sweets have a strong inflammatory effect on the body in general including the skin so that would cause Acne breakouts.

– Dairy Products.

Dairy products are not only high in fat content which is a culprit for breakouts but it’s also high in sugar content especially cow milk and products made out of it, it also contains hormones that cross react in our bodies which promotes breakouts. To avoid that, substitute your cereal staple with almond milk.

– Exfoliate Gently.

Exfoliation is required to avoid Acnes, however over doing it with scrubbing and washing your skin can leave your skin dry and irritated which created an environment for Acnes to breakout, also using harsh products and washing your face too much can increase the oil production which can worsen the situation.
Instead use gentle products and don’t go overboard.

– Stay Calm and Cool.

There are two factors that come along with stress that lead to acne breakouts, cortisol which fuel inflammation and getting hot which increases oil accumulation on your skin.
Avoid all that by learning how to deal better with stressful situations so you can still face the daily problems without getting stressed.

The Reason Why Some Women Are Just So Prone To Acne Breakouts

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