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The Reason You Should Never Eat Fast Food From Chain Restaurants Again

You might have heard many times that eating fast food from chain restaurants may negatively affect your health and you should stay away from such foods but have you ever asked yourself why? These foods are filled with toxins and chemicals that when accumulated in your body can cause several health issues. These chain restaurants are mainly caring to maximize their profits so they use heavy preservatives and offer their customers food that is not prepared fresh either so you may want to learn more how those foods are harming your body so you think twice before you opt to buy a fast food meal for yourself or your family.

1- Toxic Chemicals.

Most of their ingredients are delivered in massive bags and drums and it was meant to save for long periods of time without going off to minimize loses so they fill up those ingredients with harmful preservatives that contain addictive substances to make you keep coming back. Those preservatives are toxic to the body not to mention the ingredients that are not fresh and may even be preserved for days and weeks before usage.

2- Cheap Ingredients.

The reason they sell their foods very inexpensively is because the ingredients are not fresh and preserved for long time so the dip sauce that you are enjoying with your fish dinner could have been made months before it gets to your table, also using cheap and unhealthy ingredients like palm oil to fry appetizers or for baking buns as well as using highly refined sugar and flour that contain no benefits for your body.

3- Addictive Ingredients.

Usually fast food is rich in two addictive substances, salt and sugar which both activate the reward neurotransmitters in your brain and produce serotonin which makes your body feel good, happy and comfortable the thing that makes your body call for this type of food over and over again which for sure increase their profits. Also their highly refined flour that they use for the buns cause a decline in an important hormone called leptin which is responsible to make you feel full when your body has taken enough food, the refined flour and sugar cause a crash in this hormone making you overeating and not realizing that you are full, the situation gets worse when you eat more and more of that food.
Not to mention the high fat content in that food that will clog up your arteries, raise your blood pressure and put you at risk for heart attacks and strokes.

4- Using Genetically Modified Foods.

Genetically modified foods are already banned in several European countries because it is very harmful for the health, genetically modified foods are used widely in chain resturants due to their cheap price, these foods contain minimal nutrients so you will be loading up on empty calories that wont benefit your body in anyway but only harm your health and make you obese.

5- Cancerous Meat And Dairy .

The meat they use in their meals are coming from factory farms that mistreat their animals throughout their lives just to make them grow faster and provide more milk and meat, those animals are mainly badly sick and loaded up with hormones and steroids to make them grow fast and produce more milk.
You are consuming all those hormones, steroids, antibiotic and chemicals with the meat and milk you are consuming not to mention the flavor enhancers and colors to keep the meat in a specific flavor and color no matter how long they stay preserved before using it.

 Reason You Should Never Eat Fast Food From Chain Restaurants Again

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