Do you have really psychic abilities or is it just hunches?

Sometimes we get the feeling that we know something will happen before it happens; we may ask ourselves is this a hunch or a proof of having psychic abilities? Actually, most psychic abilities come in the form of hunches, and as we grow old it becomes difficult to hear our inner voices or rely on our hunches due to the noise of everyday life, and we find ourselves going with the flow.

We need to dig down to get in touch with our inner voices, and the best way to do it is by creating a quiet time and place away from everyone and everything.

This kind of meditation helps you to relax and clear your mind, and by creating your sacred space you can revive any psychic abilities you may have. Clairvoyance and astral projection are talents that need to be honed over years like the artist who practices with his drawing skills before making a masterpiece.

However, people who have these gifts are not happy about it and they try hard to avoid their presence. Psychics usually have their tools to reach a psychic vision like a meditative trance, tarot cards or knowledge of astrology and numerology, but if you are not familiar with these fields, you can use them as a portal for a psychic vision.

If you merge your feelings with what you have in front of you with making some ritualistic and regular efforts, you may have true psychic visions more frequently. You should know that when your heart is set on something and suddenly your inner instinct told you to let it go, this is mostly an evidence of psychic phenomena.

Finally, you need to know that psychic abilities can be improved by believing in yourself, having faith and staying upbeat and most importantly being at peace with yourself and others

Do you have really psychic abilities or is it just hunches

Do you have really psychic abilities or is it just hunches


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