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Here’s Why You Should Really Live Life For Yourself

Each of us have many roles to play in the life, most of us choose to live for others more than our own selves though while trying so hard not to fail while juggling too many things in our lives, we tend to forget ourselves, the case is general, with too many people to live and do for, we forget that our lives is actually ours in the first place so we end up failing to find a reason to do for ourselves the same way we do for others. If you think you are in the same boat, here’s a list of reasons why you should live your life for yourself.

1- You Came To The World Alone.

When you came to this world you came alone (even if you are a twin there were few minutes separating your from your sibling birth), you will face your own destiny by yourself and you will leave this world alone. What does that tell you? That your life was created to be lived by you and for you.

2- Because You Should Love Yourself.

If you don’t love yourself first you won’t be able to give others love, love is empowering and not sacrificial, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be generous and kind to others and spread love and joy everywhere you go, but if you yourself don’t love yourself enough, then you won’t be able to love others or do for them, so it all starts with you.

3- Because Your Needs Must Be Satisfied.

We all have physical, spiritual and intellectual needs, when they are not satisfied or when they are buried deep within and neglected, your soul, your kind and your body will not be happy which is an equation for a miserable you, how can you satisfy your needs, is by being yourself, doing the things that you truly love, being in the places you truly love and being with people you truly love, which means living your life for yourself.

4- Because You Have To Find Your Own Happiness.

No one can find happiness for you, if you don’t do that yourself then you won’t be happy in the life, everyone is busy with their own tackles and no one is willing to waste their lives looking for your own happiness, so you either spend your life trying to please others and then die, or spend your life pleasing yourself, finding your own happiness and spreading it on those whom around you so you end up happy and everyone else around you happy too.

Here's Why You Should Really Live Life For Yourself

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