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The 4 Real Reasons Why Single Women Choose to be Single

A recent study has proved that most women in this day and age choose not to get married. And by this I mean they choose to either stay in nonmarital relationships or have no romantic relationships at ll.

So, why do they make this choice? The reasons are in the following lines:

1- These women don’t believe they are fit to get married. Getting married will certainly mean multi-tasking and juggling many responsibilities at the same time. Some women are unable or unwilling to multi task. So, they spare themselves the stress, the pressure, the guilt and the fatigue by choosing to give up marriage.

2- Wouldn’t it be difficult to get married and spend much money for the preparation of a new life when you are already trying so hard to pay off a heavy collage debt? This is what some of the women who choose not to get married think. Thinking about how to make ends meet for a group of people (as a result of marriage) is certainly a thing you could easily choose to live without.

3- Men are certainly no keepers in this decade (you will find some saying “this century”!). You get married because you want to be joined with the great man you love and build a life with him, not to live worse. So if the men you meet don’t trigger the thought of marriage in your head, then the idea of marriage is not worth the thought.

4- Some women – affected by what they experience and what they see around them – simply fear the idea of getting married. Treatment of such a feeling can be long, tiring, and in some cases not successful. It is difficult to find men who love their partners enough to wait for them to be treated of this issue.

 Real Reasons Why Single Women Choose to be Single

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