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Raising a confident child

We all want our children to be confident, successful and able to lead. But it takes a serious effort and commitment to raise our kids the way we wish them to be. Moreover, there are many factors that can lead our efforts astray. However, here are few tips to help you raise confident little ones.

– Praise him in front of others

– Don’t drive him to criticize himself all the time.

– Always use “please” and “thank you” when you want something from him and when he does what you want.

– Let him live his childhood, don’t address him as if he is a grown up. Don’t keep saying that he grew up for such actions/attitude/games..etc.

– Help your child decide for himself and support his decision and choice.

– Let your kid play any sport; specially swimming.

– Hang his artworks in a fixed place and encourage him to do more of it.

– Help your kid make a circle of friends and teach him how to choose them.

– Show him how to read a manual and follow it.

– Teach him first aid rules.

– Answer all his questions; don’t give him “when you grow up” as an answer.

– If you ever promised him something; fulfill your promise.

– Show him how to be a part of a team and how to work smoothly with others.

– Encourage him to ask questions and to be curious.

– Be with your child on his first day at school.

– Always narrate a bed-time-story every night to him.

– Always encourage him to say “no” and never to do stuff he doesn’t like.

Raising a confident child

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