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8 Quick Health Tips That Can Make Any Woman Live Much Longer

Maybe when you see the title, you would say things like, “I know what to do to live longer and be healthier, Hit the gym daily, abandon meat completely, meditate, eat lots of vegies etc” However, although we all know all these things, putting them into action on a regular basis is usually tiresome. There are, however, things we could do that can make our lives much healthier without sticking to a strict routine, such as:

1- Ride a bike. It is actually really fun, and it beats torturing yourself on the treadmill. It will also help you get to any place easier than being stuck in traffic.

2- Avoid drugs. Maybe you think it is funny, entertaining or even a great experience for bonding that you smoke some weed, but DON’T. It is a start for a labyrinth that has no exit sign anywhere.

3- If you are ever insomniac, don’t drink nor drug yourself to sleep. It will possibly be one of the most dangerous habits you could start.

4- Eat citrus fruits and sniff on them. This could significantly lower your stress.

5- Keep – and use – condoms. And don’t be persuaded into not using them. Let me make it simple for you, Not using a condom is another entrance for the labyrinth that has no exit sign.

6- Small little things can develop into big, really good things. Just like drinking more water or saving few of your change daily.

7- Use social media to develop good habits. You can even use it to join a group that does good things such as a new healthy diet, handcraft courses etc.

8- Don’t shop when you are hungry. Both your scales and your wallet will be grateful.

Health Tips That Can Make Any Woman Live Much Longer

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