Three Quick Exercises To Tone Flabby Arms

Toning the flabby arms after losing weight is not an easy thing to do, many women succeed to get to their ideal body weight but unfortunately they suffer from the problem of flabby arms even after dropping too much weight, it is quit common, even slim women may experience this problem, flabby arms can make you frustrated and unable to wear your favorite outfits that reveal your arms. Whether you just lost weight or you are just trying to maintain your body, you must include two or three arms workouts in your daily exercising regime in order to avoid the flabby arms problem.

1- Dumbbells.

The easiest, most effective and affordable way to tone those flabs on your arms is by exercising with dumbbells, you are sure to tone your arms without having to spend time or money on equipments or gym, you can decide on how heavy you want your dumbbells to be, the ideal is 2 to 5 kg on each one if you are just starting, what you will need to do is raise your arms straight above your head and bending them behind your head, repeat this exercise as many times as you can and opt to increase the times gradually.

2- Modified Push Ups.

This is another type of exercise to improve your strength and tone the muscles on your chest and arms, the modified push ups is where you are laying your weight on your knees and hands faced down on the floor, keep your back straight at all the times, now push yourself up untill your arms are straight and then slowly get back down untill your chest barely touch the floor, repeat this at least for one minute or two everyday.

3- Bicep Curls.

This is another effective type of exercises that can help you get rid of those annoying flabs on your arms, as the name suggest, the Bicep Curls help to tone the Bicep muscles which are located in the upper part of your arms, toning those arms will make you look great in any revealing dress you wear, what you need to do is stand straight holding your dumbbells and stretching your arms on your sides straight, now lowly bend your elbows towards your shoulders and repeat.
Quick Exercises To Tone Flabby Arms

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