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Quick And Easy Chicken Recipe That Won’t Need Marinating

Most of us lack time to leave chicken marinate over night, and it is just way easier to defrost the chicken and cook it right away, however the flavor is always not rich. With this recipe you will be able to cook your chicken in only half an hour without Marinating them and still enjoy a strong flavor that tastes just as if it was marinated for a whole day. The meat of the chicken will also be very tender and soft. Check out below this lovely new recipe of grilled chicken thighs that you can do in under an hour.

– Ingredients.

Four large chicken thighs with the skin on.
One large onion diced roughly.
Two tablespoon concentrated soy sauce.
Quarter teaspoon of each, cardamom powder, cinnamon powder, Clove powder, black pepper, Garlic powder, dry coriander seeds.
Salt as needed.
Three large pay leaves.
Two tablespoons vegetable oil.

– Directions.

Wash the chicken thighs with salt water and Lemon and set aside.
In a deep stir fry pan toss in the vegetable oil, allow it to heat then add the diced onion.
Sprinkle a little of salt over the onion and allow it to take a blond color.

Then add the chicken thighs and sear them on both sides for five to ten minutes.
Once chicken thighs are seared add two cups of water, the spices and soy sauce to the pan and cover.
Allow the chicken thighs to cook for 20 minutes. Make sure to turn them on the other side after a while.

When chicken are cooked open the pan and let the sauce evaporates and thickens in the bottom of the pan with the onion.
Once the sauce is thick and caramelize, remove the chicken thighs and place them of a baking sheet with the skin side facing up.

Put the little of the thick sauce on top of them and back in a hot open under the grill for extra ten minutes and voila.
The chicken thighs will be tasty, sticky and extra soft.
You can enjoy this chicken with pasta, mash potatoes or rice it is wonderful with any side dish.

Quick And Easy Chicken Recipe

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