Proven Ways To Fall Asleep Faster

Something as simple as a warm glass of milk and a warm bath can be just enough to relax you and make you fall asleep like a baby, but unfortunately, some of us just can’t sleep that easy, luckily, there were several studies made that concluded a few ways we can trick ourselves and fall asleep easier and faster so read on.

The most important advice is to stay away from foods that give energy and keeps the stomach muscles active throughout the night, if you are really hungry then just have a herbal tea or something very light in small amount.

Don’t sleep with your hair wet, if you shower directly before bed then make sure you blow dry your hair.

Transform your bedroom into a comforting spot, I’d your bedroom is messy, noisy or too bright you may have troubles falling asleep, remove the clock from your bedroom and make sure it is clean, warm and tidy.

Avoid watching TV , computer or your cell phone at least one hour before sleeping, those items can keep you up and give you troubles falling asleep fast.

Stay away from naps during the day time, taking naps pushes your system and can make it very difficult falling asleep at night, however if a nap is necessary limit them to power naps of twenty minutes only.

Make sure to wear comfortable cloth to bed, stay away from tight cloth that don’t breath, instead wear loose airy cotton pajamas with light colors.

Make sure while you are sleeping to align your neck with your spine, avoid sleeping on too high pillows, too hard or too low, as that can strain your neck.
Proven Ways To Fall Asleep Faster

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