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Protect Your Lips from the Harsh Winter with These Great Treatments

Winter has come with all its health issues and problems. And if you think I am just talking about winter’s must-have ailments, then you are wrong. Winter has a disastrous effect on skin too, and every woman who cherishes her looks and takes care of her skin knows that.

One of these bothersome problems is the dry, chapped lips issue. I will show you in this article what has worked for me – and for many others – when dealing with this problem.

1- The best and most efficient method to treat any dry skin is moisturization. Needless to say, you will double the effect by combining it with exfoliation. To moisturize, you need something oily, and to scrub you need something rough. Therefore, a mixture of an oily substance such as coconut oil and rough such as sugar will be excellent to nurture your lips.

2- Honey is one of the oldest and most effective treatments for many ailments. It can treat many skin problems when it is added to food or used topically. Just rub some of it on your lips, it is as easy as that.

3- People used to launch holy crusades against dairy fat for years and years. Just now they are starting to recognize its benefits. Originating from milk, dairy fat found in butter and cream surely has a high content of nutrients and moisturizing agents. Instead of using a lip balm, simply rub your lips with butter or cream.

4- Cucumber is an effective treatment for a long list of skin problems. What is even better is that it suits all skin types. It helps you get rid of saggy skin, puffy eyes, cellulite and naturally, chapped lips. Moisturize your lips and boost the production of collagen inside them by rubbing them with cucumber slices.

Protect Your Lips from the Harsh Winter with These Great Treatments

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