Protect Yourself from Food Poisoning Now by Following the Advices in this Article

The food we eat has a great effect on our health. Food borne illness is one of the things we need to consider before eating whether at home or outside. Food poisoning happens when we ingest food that has toxins produced by bacteria, or the bacteria in food produces toxins latter on inside our digestive system. The side effects of food poisoning begin with vomiting, diarrhea and stomach cramping, and can rarely develop to hospitalization and death.
Protect yourself from even the minor effects of food poisoning by taking care of the following points:

1. Strengthen Your Immunity : Make sure that you eat enough fruits and vegetables to provide your immune system with essential nutrients so it can fight food borne bacteria in case you ingest some. It is also helpful to eat yogurts that have probiotics to increase the amounts of good bacteria in your gut.

2. Store Meat and Poultry Separately : Meat and poultry contain high amounts of salmonella when raw and can contaminate other foods when they come in touch with them. Start in the grocery store by bagging meats in separate bags. Then when it is time to put meats in the fridge, either place them on the lowest shelves or put them in secure containers to prevent dripping.

3. Cook Food Well : When you cook a meal that includes poultry make sure that the temperature reaches 165°F with a thermometer; otherwise, make certain that the chicken is white all over and its juices run clear. Other meats must reach 140°F while cooking.

4. Clean Utensils Properly : Designate special containers, utensils and cutting boards for eggs, raw poultry and meat. Make sure that you wash the dishes well with hot water and use antibacterial soap.

5. Check Yelp before Eating out : Yelp can be helpful to determine whether a restaurant had cases of food poisoning before, so use it for help.
Food Poisoning Now by Following the Advices in this Article