Five Professionals Tips For An Ever Ageless Hair

It is a wish for all of us but it is still hard to get sometimes, as we get older medications, styling damage and hormones can affect the quality and well-being of our hair as time goes by, but even though nature is going to take its course whether you accept it or not, following some hair care tips can regain the volume, shine and vitality your hair once had. Here are the most effective recommendations from professional hair stylists and nutrition experts to have an ageless looking hair.

1- Invest In A Good Quality Hair Brush.

Regular drugstore plastic hair brushes can pull and break your hair leading to a dull looking broken hair, instead use a boar bristle brush which spreads oil evenly in the scalp, it makes styling easier and promotes smoothness and shininess in your hair. Round boar bristle hair brush when combined with the right technique of hair blowing can add so much more volume to your hair and make it look irresistible, who doesn’t want that?

2- Use Dry Shampoos They Are More Convenient.

Dry Shampoos are not only more convenient but they will also protect your hair from drying up and preserve the color hue if your hair is color treated, if you don’t use dry Shampoos it is time to start right away. Professional hair stylists don’t recommend daily washing for the hair, shampooing your hair daily stripes out natural oils and can make your hair look and feel dry and lifeless, instead wash your hair every other day and the off days use dry shampoo to absorb excess oils and make your hair fresher, this will be especially good for you if your hair is chemically treated.

3- Conditioning Is A Key.

Our hair get damaged and weak as we age, two things that can reverse the damage and restore youthfulness is conditioning and regular trimming, the regular trimming will remove a part of the old damaged hair allowing your hair to renew itself, and conditioning will nourish, hydrate and strengthen your hair. Invest in a rich heavy conditioner with hydrolyzed keratin to strengthen your hair and provide it with the essential needs to make it look vital and lustrous, moisturizers like olive oil and Shia butter can hydrate your hair and replace the lost oils in the shampooing process.
Keep the conditioner on your hair for a few minutes and make it the last thing in your shower to rinse your hair, don’t rinse your hair for more than 60 seconds otherwise that will remove the hydrating elements that are meant to stay on your hair until the next time you shampoo.

4- Let Your Hair Flow Feely.

Nothing can make you look older than a stiff structured hairstyle, instead of having really tight shellacked curls, let your hair flow in a natural a little messy beach waves to make your features look softer on the eyes and perceived as younger.
While curling your hair use a wide large-barrel iron, curls each section and secure it with a pin, make sure that each curl is cooled and then let it flow. Comp some of the curls with your fingers to give it a natural look and above all avoid the intense urge to coat with hair spray so your hair don’t look stiff.

5- Mind What You Eat.

What you put in your mouth reflects on the appearance and well-being of your hair. Frizzy and brittle strands could be a signal that you have some kind of a nutrient deficiency or you are not eating enough protein or getting enough liquids. The most needed nutrients for a strong healthy-looking hair are selenium, zinc, iron, vitamin C, Biotin and protein.
Drinking enough water and having adequate sleeps also contribute to having a healthy hair.

Five Professionals Tips For An Ever Ageless Hair

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