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Problems faced by women who wear makeup

Actually, if you wear makeup regularly, and it is part of your routine, then you must be having a love- hate relationship with it. Of course, makeup boosts your self- confidence and makes you look gorgeous, but sometimes it causes troubles.

Mostly, you will find yourself stain your shirts or dresses around the collar when getting dressed, no matter how hard you try not to, and your white pillows are never safe as well. When you skip taking it off before sleep, you end up hating your skin when you wake up.

If you have to sneeze and blow your nose or eat and wipe your mouth, you will mess up your makeup and look nasty and if you tiredly rub your eyes or unintentionally shed tears, you are screwed. You always find your cell phone screen splotchy after using it.

You need a superhuman steadiness in your hand to put on your eyeliner and if you do not do it right on first time, you have to suffer to remove it and start over. You always need to reapply your lipstick no matter how long lasting it claims to be. When you do not wear makeup, you see yourself hideous and you feel totally naked, even though you look fine, not to mention the concerned cries of “Are you tired?”.

On the other hand, if you are one of those women who do not wear makeup, you can forget about the previous problems. For those women, the daily beauty routine consists of washing the face and rubbing some cream and at most some tinted lip balm then heading out the door.

Such women do not wear makeup mostly out of convenience, and they are fine living a makeup- free life feeling unique the way they are naturally. So, what do you think?

Problems faced by women who wear makeup

Problems faced by women who wear makeup Problems faced by women who wear makeup

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