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The 3 Principles of the False Reasoning That Forces You to Stay in a Failed Marriage

In a study about the reasons for divorce, a husband was asked why he was behaving poorly in his first marriage although he changed into the perfect husband in his second one, his answer was, “Because my ex-wife let me be so”.

Many women – and men- stay in a failed marriage because of some mistakes in their concepts about marriage and divorce. And the principles of their reasoning are the following:

1- Divorce is the escape route, and if you are getting a divorce then you are a quitter. This is a stupid thing to think, because after all, you will double your responsibility and will need to afford for yourself – and possibly for others – a lone. Therefore, choosing divorce is anything but taking the easy way out.

2- Divorce is a sort of a trend that everyone is following right now. Therefore, probably more than half marriages end in divorce. This makes people too scared to get married or get a divorce. In fact, this study was conducted long ago when people were too young the time they got married, and were thus unable to perceive the concept of marriage. New studies show that people nowadays get married at an older age and think seriously about marriage.

3- It is better to endure the hardship you face with your ass of a partner instead of going through the whole thing anew and stumbling upon a new ass of a partner. This is not how things go with humans.

They are not lab rats that choose the same route with the electrocuting button at the end again and again. Humans learn from experience and people who have been through failed relationships spot flaws in prospective partners quickly and effectively.

Principles of the False Reasoning That Forces You to Stay in a Failed Marriage

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