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Preventing skin aging

There will always be the quest for everlasting youth and beauty; women seek skin perfection by all means. Skin suffers natural wearing due to natural elements and mostly it is because of sun exposure and other factors that can be avoided – and always remember that it is never too late to begin.

Underlying our skin, there is a web of elastin and collagen that keep the skin firm.. By time this network weakens and the skin starts aging and loses its structure.
There are several unavoidable forces contributing to skin aging, such as:

• Age: skin becomes thinner by age and loses fat

• Gravity is a strong factor that affects our skin.

• Genetics contribute to the process; as some women keep their youthful appearance and others don’t naturally.

There are preventable factor such as the sun. The harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun penetrate our skin, it damages the fibers of elastic that keeps the skin firm and hence it allows wrinkles. Direct sunlight is responsible for the dark spots on the back of our hands and other sun- exposed areas.

Time exposure affects the development of wrinkles. It is impossible to turn back time to use sun-block and limit the sun- exposure, but we can start taking extra care to stop the damage. stop sunbathing, any tan means skin damage. Always use sun-block with high SPF (sun protection factor), hands and face should be covered the most as they are the areas most exposed to the sun. Avoid the sun between 10a.m and 3 p.m. when its rays are on full blast.

Several glasses of water everyday will keep your skin moist and healthy.

Preventing skin aging

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