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Potato : Beauty Uses Of Potato

Potato is one of the most popular ingredients eaten by people worldwide, although most of those who are conscious about their weight tend to avoid eating potatoes because of its high content of carbohydrates and starch, others can not resist it, beside the high level of carbs found in potato, it is highly nutritious, you can get advantage of it externally as well as internally, if you are watching your waist line, you can still benefit your body and more particularly your beauty by using potatoes, if you are confused about the beauty uses of potatoes, this article is brought to you, read on too discover.

1- It Reduces Dark Circles Around The Eyes.

Potatoes has natural bleaching properties, but unlike lemon and other natural ingredients that have bleaching properties, potato is mild and soft on the skin, even someone with a sensitive skin can apply potato Juice around their eyes which is a very sensitive place and get no skin irritation, what you need to do is apply fresh potato Juice using a cotton ball under your eyes once everyday for at least two weeks and you should notice the dark circles fading.

2- It Nourishes Dry Hair.

Potato can be used in hair masks with the combination of Aloe vera to nourish dry hair, fresh potato Juice is a source of protein, phosphorus, vitamin A, B and C, which is all needed to replaced lost nutrients in the hair, in addition to the high level of vitamin E found in Aloe vera, making a weekly hair mask of those two ingredients together will benefit your hair alot.

3- It Treats Bags Under The Eyes.

Another beauty benefit of potato is its ability to fade bags under the eyes, temporary or chronic bags can be easily treated using potato slices, the starch in potato helps to prevent swelling and absorb excess moist that could be puffing up bags under the eyes, simply apply potato slices on your eyes whenever you are tired and having bags under your eyes for twenty minutes.
Potato  Beauty Uses Of Potato

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