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Popular Myths About Water Busted

Water is known as the secret of life, our bodies are made of 70% water and even the planet we are living on, however there are many myths surrounding water and on this article we will reveal those myths and why they are not true so read on.

1- Drink Water To Lose Weight.
It is good to drink plenty of water however, drinking water is not linked directly with losing weight, losing weight depend on several other factors like the physical fitness you have, how much energy you burn and your calories intake.

2- Don’t Drink While Eating.
We all have heated this popular sentence at one point of our childhood, this myth has been around for such a long time, the reason is thought to be that water interfere with the digestion of the food, however recent studies proved that there is no such connection between drinking water and digestion issues, the only thing is that, drinking water during eating will make you feel satisfied earlier before you finish your meal.

3- The More Water The Better.
It is important to drink adequate amounts of water but we all know that too much of one thing is bad, similarly, too much drinking water is not exactly good for you, you can disturb the silicate sodium concentration in your blood so go easy and just drink adequately.

4- You Must Drink Eight Glasses Of Water To Be Healthy.
This is not a role, yes you should drink adequate amounts of water but there is no proof that eight Glasses of water daily will guarantee you a good health, good health depend on many other factors like your good diet and your lifestyle.

5- You Shouldn’t Forget Drinking Water During Workout.
After working out it is essential to drink water to make up for the water lost but there is not a big need to keep on gulping water while working out unless you are really thirsty.

Popular Myths About Water Busted.

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