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Three Popular Inappropriate Subliminal Messages In Disney Cartoons

Everyone is a fan of cartoons both adults and children. However, there is always a temptation for cartoon character designers and producers to slip a bit in something naught that is almost not noticed except by them. But thanks to nowadays teenagers with a pause button and plenty of time to focus with the smallest details, we now are able to identify most of the inappropriate subliminal messages in cartoon designs and scenes.
Check out some of the most popular slips found in cartoons.

1- The Phallic Palace.

This is one of the most popular ones, the rumor was that, the artist who drew the palace imbedded a Phallic object in the castle of the Little Mermaid, it was believed that the artist was about to lose his job and so is why he did that, however it was found out that the artist wasn’t about to get fired or anything but he was hurried to finish drawing the design in order to meet the deadlines and he didn’t realize at the time the shape of what he has drawn. Fortunately in a later version of the show the spire was removed.

2- Hard-up Minster.

Keeping up with the Little Mermaid Theme, another popular accusation to the producers of Disney spread around when it was noticed that the Pelvic area of the minister during the scene in which Ursula is marrying Eric using Ariel’s voice was rather odd shaped, however in a later shot it showed that the Minster had rather bandy kegs which blended with his tonic and showed his knees as “erections”.

3- Simba and The S-E-X Cloud.

Here’s another one, in the movie The Lion King in the scene just before Simba meets Rafiki, he flops down tiredly in a cliff where a cloud dust show up in the sky behind the cliff spelling the word S-E-X, the special effects team claimed that they meant to imped S-E-F as their special little mark on the movie but it is so clear that it spells S-E-X and judge for yourself.


Three Popular Inappropriate Subliminal Messages In Disney Cartoons

Three Popular Inappropriate Subliminal Messages In Disney Cartoons

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