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The 5 Most Popular Fabrics and What People Love and Hate about Them

Fabric types are one of the most essential reasons why people buy clothes. Fabric types are many, and with the advancement in technology, the number of available fabrics has increased significantly. However the most popular of them will always be wool, cotton, linen, polyester, and silk. Here we will learn about what makes people love or hate these fabrics.

1- Wool is a fabric that has been known since ancient times. People love wool because it is soft and very warm. It relieves you from wearing multiple layers at winter. However, some people find it itchy and difficult to wash since it shrinks a lot in high temperatures.

2- Cotton is probably people’s most favorite fabric ever. It is soft, comfortable and easy to maintain. It absorbs moisture and thus is great to use at summer. However, it wears down with time and can be relatively pricy.

3- Silk is an organic fabric taken from Chinese silkworms. People love it because it is shimmery, soft and majestic. They hate it because its production involves killing silkworms, in addition to the fact that it is pricy and difficult to maintain.

4- Linen is a fabric that dates back to the time of ancient Egyptians. It is taken from flaxseed plants. It is light, cool and breathable. It is an excellent fabric for summer. However, it needs to be ironed with the aid of starch solution since it can get horrible wrinkles after washing. And you need to hang it not fold it.

5- Polyester is the commercial label for polyethylene terephthalate and it is a synthetic material. It is a durable fabric that doesn’t lose its color and shape easily. It doesn’t wrinkle and it doesn’t need much washing. Many people do not like how polyester feels on their skin. Moreover it is not a breathable fabric, so it makes those who wear it sweaty and uncomfortable. Also, it is not an echo friendly material at all.

Popular Fabrics and What People Love and Hate about Them