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This One PMS Symptom Won’t Be Eased By Ibuprofen

If your bottle of ibuprofen is the nearest thing to you when you are on your period, don’t worry we all feel the same, however recent science found out that there is one PMS symptom that ibuprofen won’t be any effective to Sooth which is PMS HEADACHES.

In a recent study, researchers collected and analyzed the data of a group of 3000 middle-aged women who answered questions about their PMS symptoms and how the treatment was any effective, blood was withdrawn from the women to monitor levels of CRP a protein associated with the presence of inflammation in the body.

The found that the levels of CRP was linked to all the symptoms of menstruation including mood swings, back pain, cramps, bloating, etc and you probably have guessed that already.

The surprising thing was that, the CRP levels were not associated to the headaches that women experience period to their menstruation due date and during the first two day, which means that your anti-inflammatory pain soother won’t do you much of a help when experience this annoying dull aches. It is better if you switch to another type of pain killer.

The study also reported that different women experience different severity of PMS symptoms, for example Hispanic women reported sever symptoms while Asian women reported experiencing easy symptoms.

Fortunately this research has inspired other researchers to check out the symptoms of PMS and come up with a treat all cure to the symptoms.

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