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4 Phrases That Doesn’t Cross the Minds of Successful people

What is it to be successful? It is when you fall face down countless times until you are used to the taste of dirt, but you get up anyway and try again till you get to the top.

It is one of the harshest yet sweetest journeys ever and only successful people know what this journey feels like. And in this journey, not once do the following thoughts cross their minds.

1- “I hate/loath/detest my work”. You can’t be successful at anything you hate. The two things completely contradict each other. It is when you love something that you succeed at it, because you will think how to improve it and perfect it.

2- “I am unlucky”, “the world is against me” or “Life is doing me wrong”. First of all, there is such a thing as destiny, not luck. Second, we make our own luck, and any hardships that face us are merely tests aimed at increasing our endurance and resilience. So, if you are successful, it doesn’t occur to you that life’s hardships are something as ridiculous as lack of luck.

3- “Why should I try anything new? This is how it has been like forever”. In other words, successful people don’t look for the same old traditional methods for solving problems and getting things done. They don’t use the excuse of “it has always been like this” when doing their jobs. They are always on the lookout for new methods.

4- “This isn’t my job” or “This isn’t my responsibility”. It is not that uncommon to be handed work that is a little out of our area of expertise. The unsuccessful regard this as a bother and a burden, while the successful regard this as an opportunity to shine or at least to learn.

Phrases That Doesn’t Cross the Minds of Successful people

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