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If you are born in January, then you love to dress up, fussy, down to earth, stubborn, love to chat , easily bored, seldom showing emotion, treat friends importantly, fearless and brave, get hurt easily and recover easily, daydreamer, unpredictable, get angry often and extremely smart.

Born in February, you love abstract and reality, attractive, quiet, clever and intelligent, humble and shy, temperamental, determined to reach your goals, loyal and honest, rebellious if restricted, love freedom, easily hurt, get angry easily but you do not show it, love making friends, ambitious, stubborn and daring, sharp, superstitious, love entertainment and romantic inside not outside.

Born in March, you are affectionate, secretive, honest and generous, reserved and shy, love serenity and peace, sympathetic, sensitive to others, trustworthy, easily angered, hardly show emotions, appreciative, observant and can assess others, willing to take risks for others, love to get noticed, make good choices, have a great fashion sense, outgoing and love compliments.

Born in April, you are suave, humorous and funny, cool and calm, stubborn, sympathetic and kind, very talkative, detailed and concerned, work well with others, sensitive, have positive attitude, very confident, have a good memory, love to look for information, knowledgeable and clever, able to cheer everyone, able to motivate yourself and others, fun to be around, understanding, hyper and outgoing, secretive, systematic, love travelling, music and sports.

Born in May, you are hard- hearted and stubborn, highly motivated, strong- willed, easily angered, have sharp thoughts, attract others and love attention, have deep feelings, firm standpoint, shy with the opposite sex, need no motivation, systematic, easily consoled, strong clairvoyance,

sickness usually in the neck and ear, understanding, good imagination, love literature and arts, restless, dislike being at home and love travelling, high spirited and hardworking.


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