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Why Around Your Period You Gain Weight?

You have been eating healthy, exercising and making sure to either maintain your body weight or keep on a steady weight loss rate weekly, but despite that your scale just jumped up five more pounds than last week? Why could that be?

If your sudden and unexplained weight gain or slow down in weight loss happened one week before you expect your period then you can blame your hormones for that and reassure your mind that after your period you will drop that weight again.

What happens is that, around the time you are expecting your period, Progesterone levels start to elevate to form a thick Uterine lining to accommodate a fertilized egg, Progesterone is a female sex hormone that causes your body to retain an extra microscopic drop of water in each of its cells in preparation for pregnancy which makes your body feel heavier on the scale.

However when you are not pregnant and your Progesterone levels drop back to normal to shed the Uterine lining as menstrual blood, your body starts to get rid of that water it retained which make your body weight get back to normal and you start losing weight again at the same speed as before.

Generally you will find that you gained anywhere between half a pound to ten pounds in the week previous to your expected date of your period, however most women tend to increase five pounds.
Also the bloating that occurs during the first few days of your period can make you feel of bigger size, which may cause you to question yourself and what you are recently more.

The healthy way to do it is just check your weight once a week in the same day of each week using the same scale and avoid over weighting yourself because some numbers may go up and down due to hormonal fluctuations that you have no guilt in.

Also notice if you put on any more than ten pounds then you definitely should question your diet and what goes in your mouth, as mentioned early the healthy rate of weight increase that can be blamed to your monthly visitor is only up to ten pounds that you lose again quickly fter your bleeding stops.

Period You Gain Weight

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