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Why Old People Are Not Recommended To Take Vitamin D And Calcium Supplements

In recent recommendations issued by U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, women who are above 40 and healthy should avoid taking vitamin D and calcium supplemets.
The recommendation doesn’t apply for those who are diagnosed to have
vitamin D defecienciy or osteoporosis.

Calcium is the essential building block for the bones and vitamin D which is absorbed by the skin through sunlight or via food helps the body to absorb calcium and increase bone mass.
In the USA about one and half million cases of fractures is attributed to osteoporosis, which is caused by decreased bone density and mass in old ages which makes the bones more suscpitble to breakage.

The recommendations were released as a result to studies showed that the recommended daily dose of vitamin D which is 400 international unites for adults and 1000 mg calcium doesn’t work to protect against osteoporosis or prevent bone fractures and even higher doses seem to not work either.

Although there are several studies investigating whether or not high doses of vitamin D and calcium can help in preventing osteoporosis for old aged women and men the results are still considered insufficient to recommend daily intake.

Even in younger people than 50 years old the studies also still don’t have enough sufficient evidences to make recommendations of daily intake of certain doses.

So in case you want to prevent osteoporosis taking daily supplements of vitamin D and calcium won’t really help you, however as mentioned above if you already have osteoporosis or vitamin D defecienciy the recommendations don’t apply to you.

Old People Are Not Recommended To Take Vitamin D And Calcium Supplements

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