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5 Things You Should Never Say to Parents Who Were Through Premature Birth

Did you know that premature birth is not that rare? It happens for all sorts of reasons. And many statistics show that one out of each ten moms experience premature birth. However, being a rather common experience doesn’t make it easy for both the parents and their kids. At these times, preemies’ parents don’t want to hear any of the following things:

1- “It is good to expose babies to germs! This will build up their immune systems! So don’t fret so much” Babies – and everyone for that matter –should NEVER be exposed to germs. One should be even more careful considering premature babies since they are at their weakest.

2- “Thank god she/he”, “at least she/he is” or “thankfully she/he”. This means you are underestimating the burdens and difficulties preemies’ parents go through. The last thing parents who have been through all the hardships of pregnancy but had a premature kid is something like, “at least she’s alive”.

3- “She is small/tiny/little”. This always reminds preemies’ parents that their kids are struggling in this world much more than normal babies do. Such a remark shows a huge lack of sensitivity and may spur up thoughts of guilt inside the parents, like “what could I’ve done to make things end this way?”

4- “When will she walk/talk/be released from the hospital” The ones who need answers for these questions before anyone else are the baby’s parents. So, stressing their worries with such questions can be really aggravating.

5- “It is finally over!” Most premature babies are hospitalized for a while before being released, and even then they need much care and attention. Also it is rude to talk as if watching over your young ones is a burden.

Things You Should Never Say to Parents Who Were Through Premature Birth

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