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Five Pains That Are More Severe Than Childbirth

Most pregnant women go through many annoying and maybe even painful moments throughout their 9 months journey like headaches, morning sickness, heart burns, joints pain and back pain. But the biggest pain they go through and most women who experienced a natural childbirth would assume to be the worst pain the ever experiences is the childbirth itself.

All women sit in fear and excitement of that moment to arrive since they find out they are pregnant. However childbirth pain can only go on for so long, but there are other types of pain that are more severe than pushing a baby and unfortunately they don’t carry the hope and excitement the childbirth pain carry as a reward.
Here’s what women thought to be more severe pain than childbirth.

1- Kidney Stones.

Many women who experienced kidney stones and natural childbirth birth can swear that child birth is way easier than having kidney stones, some say they are about equal in the pain and some state that this is the nearest a man could come to giving birth, both men and women admit the situation is very painful and could even be more painful than pushing a baby.

2- Broken Bones.

Most of the women that were asked what pain they experienced was worse than childbirth mentioned broken bones and particularly broken ankles. However the pain the comes along with broken bones can last way longer than the longest labor a woman can every have not to mentioned the consequences that can follow. Particularly the ankles when they break they can affect your ability to move your neck, your shoulders and significantly impact the quality of your life.

3- Gallstones.

Gallstones cause case quite strong pain and while there are pain killers and recommendations to avoid offending foods, the pain can still be felt and can affect blood pressure and heart rate. The pain can be experienced as stable or on waves of attacks. Moms that experienced Gallstones noted that they’d be curled up in the bed can’t move and nothing could touch the painful area.

4- Migraines Headaches.

Migraines also topped the list, they can sit on the sufferer for days along with other symptoms like nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light, they are quite common though and can make your daily activities almost impossible to get completed.

5- Bladder Infections And Urinary Tract Infections.

Many women agreed that bladder infection and urinary tract infections are more painful than a spontaneous labor, the moms described the pain as a ring of fire that stay with them for days and disable them from doing regular chores.

Five Pains That Are More Severe Than Childbirth

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