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It seems there is nothing pain-free about it, if you avoid your high- calorie treats and desperately try to squeeze in workouts. Yet while doing exercise and eating healthy foods requires some work, it does not have to take heroic effort.

Just a few simple lifestyle changes can yield good results. Here below the top tips of weight loss experts who figured out some easy and painless ways to lose weight:

• Instead of subtracting foods from you diet, try adding them; add healthy goodies that you really love like juicy grapes, crunchy snow peas or red cherries. Slip your favorite fruits into your breakfast cereal and your lunch bag, and add veggies into stews and soups.

Taking away never works, but adding in does work, keeping in mind to watch the overall calories. Do not forget to add in some physical activity, be it a few dance moves before dinner or taking a quick stroll.

• The trick to enjoying workout is to never call it working out, so invigorate muscles and burn calories by riding bikes, washing the car, hiking, chasing the dog around the yard or playing Frisbee.

• To go walking when the weather is nice is another easy way to keep fit. Even walking for a few minutes, when you are short on time, counts. For slipping in more steps, try: parking your car a few blocks farther, getting off the bus a couple of stops earlier and taking the stairs every chance you get.

• Switch to the lower calorie versions of the foods you crave. When you add your favorite toppers to a low- fat ice cream and when you eat pizza with reduced- fat cheese, you will hardly notice any difference in taste. However, those missing calories add up and eventually you lose weight the easy way.


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