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• Keep an eye on boosting fiber, while you are trimming fat calories because fiber helps you feel satiated longer. You can easily amp up the fiber by tossing a handful of red pepper on the pie or adding a cup of whole wheat flour to your pizza dough.

• Do not forget to lighten the drinks as well; switch from high- calorie favorites to diet ones or you can mix your preferred drinks with some low- calorie options, so your taste buds adjust gradually.

• Keep drinking that ultimate beverage, water. Drink a glass of water before each meal so as not to feel so famished and hog everything. Because hydration helps and as a way to keep your mouth busy, it is a great idea to keep no- calorie beverages at hand that makes you less likely to snack on junk food.

When you go to a party, grab a low- calorie drink in your hand; it makes it harder to graze the buffet and you will be less tempted to drink high- calorie beverages. Furthermore, keeping your body refreshed with plenty of water is good for your workout; it helps you exercise more and longer.

• When you go out, try sharing your meal or desert with your spouse or friend; that way you do not feel stuffed and you save money. Actually, you can split more than just a meal out; why not share a gym membership or the cost of a personal trainer? You can be more successful when trying to eat better or get more exercise, if you do it with a group or a partner. Partnership, whether in person or online, really helps for more motivation.

• Try exercise while watching TV; dance during your favorite music show and walk the treadmill or pedal your stationery bike during commercials. It does not matter what you do as long as you are physically active.


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