Over- exaggerated 5 Myths about Cancer

Every now and then we hear stories about this and that causing cancer. For the most part, these stories are regularly based on myth. Although there might be a degree of truth behind them, the studies that resulted in a global myth might simply have been exaggerated or even misunderstood. Here are some examples:

1. Deodorants and Antiperspirants Cause Cancer : People may assume that deodorants and antiperspirants cause cancer since breast cancer usually develops close to the armpit. However, the real reason behind cancer developing in that location is because breast tissue is most abundant near the armpit.

2. Stress Causes Cancer : Some research found that people suffering depression are more likely to die from cancer. Other studies related stress to virus-related tumors. The reasons remain unclear and there is no scientific proof that supports the theories.

3. Cell phones Cause Brain Cancer : Questions have been put forward on whether radio waves from cell phones are enough radiations to raise the risk of brain cancer. Certain studies state that using cell phones is in fact carcinogenic. However, experimental studies found no connection between cell phone usage and brain cancer.

4. The Current Century Generation Is More Prone to Cancer than Older Generations : People say that lifestyle in the 21st century increases the risk of cancer. The rumor spread based on the increasing number of cancer cases. The truth is as science develops, people live longer and the older they get the higher their risk of cancer gets.

5. Sunburns Only Cause Cancer : We all avoid sunburns in order to avoid cancer, but we all love a good tan. In fact, long term sun exposure in order to get a tan is the main reason for squamous cell tumors while sunburns cause basal cell carcinoma. Fortunately, that could be treated. The worst form of skin cancer, or melanoma, is caused by ultraviolet radiation of tanning beds.
Over- exaggerated 5 Myths about Cancer

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