Ovarian Cancer, The Silent Killer, And What You Need To Watch Out For

Ovarian cancer is the silent killer for over 140.000 women worldwide every year, most women ignore the symptoms which delays the diagnosis untill the cancer is already in an advanced and critical state, it is one of the most deadly cancer types with a very high rate of deaths and unfortunately, all women at almost any age are susceptible to develop ovarian cancer, therefore we made this article to spread some awareness among women about the symptoms and what you should do so read on.

Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer.

Experiencing lack of energy.
Heavy bleeding during menstrual cycle.
Irregular cycles that can be more often, less with unstable duration.
Increased abdominal size and persistent bloating.
Lack of appetite.
Pressure or unexplained pain in the lower back
Experiencing digesting problems.

If you are experiencing one or two of these symptoms make sure to contact your doctor immediately to run some tests.

How To Prevent Ovarian Cancer.

Just like any other type of cancer or diseases, having a healthy lifestyle can reduce your risks significantly, eat healthy foods rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, cut down any preservatives and reduce canned food to the minimum, have a regular exercising regime, and most importantly get pregnant and breastfeed as it is one of the most effective ways to prevent ovarian and breast cancer.

How The Ovarian Cancer Get Detected?

There are many tests out there that can detect ovarian cancer at an early stage such as MRI, ultrasound, blood tests and laparoscopy, if the cancer is detected at an early stage that increase the chances of reversing and beating it, notice, regular Pap tests don’t detect ovarian cancer.

What To Do If You Got Diagnosed With Ovarian Cancer.

First of all have hope and be grateful that you got the diagnosis, being diagnosed gives you options and increase your chances of recovery, don’t lose faith or hope, that won’t help in any aspect, instead battle your cancer with all your strength and feel optimistic, improve your life style, eat healthy, meditate and exercise, discuss with your doctor your options of chemotherapy and surgeries.
Ovarian Cancer, The Silent Killer, And What You Need To Watch Out For

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