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Your Options To Eat Your Water

We all know that we should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, however there are those people who don’t really enjoy drinking water and for them, eating water can be the best option,eating foods that consist of a high water level can maintain your body hydrated and even be more effective than just drinking water.

Water is important for all the vital processes in our bodies, water helps in maintaining your body hydrated and in result ensure a proper function, water helps in moving oxygen in the blood to all the body organs maintain healthy skin and hair, detoxify the body, prevent muscle cramps, reduce the stress on the heart, prevent cellulite, lubricate the joints, clean the kidneys and many more.

While you just drink that large glass of water you are providing fluid to your body to maintain it hydration levels, when you drink water your kidneys seem to get rid of it quickly which may not benefit the body so much, however eating fruits and vegetables high in water will provide the water in a gel form which will helps in keeping it in your body for longer and in result benefit the body more.

The following list is made of ingredients you can eat your water through.

1- Lettuce:- Lettuce are made of whooping 96% water and is a delicious and filling addition to any salad or sandwich.

2- Cucumber:- 96% water and the basic cucumber and tomato salad is a perfect hydrating meal or side .

3- Red Tomato:- 95% water.

4- Radish and Celery 94% Water.

5- Zucchini And Grapes 93% water.

6- Bell pepper, cauliflower and spinach 92% water.

7- Peach, Pineapple, Raspberry :- 87%.

Eat Your Water

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