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Older brothers sometimes make your lips pucker and your eyes twitch, but you cannot seem to resist them; they are like sweet and sour candy that you cannot get enough of. They may drive you crazy, but they also love you and protect you. Here below are some things to remind girls about how amazing to have an older brother:

• Having an elder brother can provide great insight to understanding boys or men that can be hard to deal with for a girl. An elder brother’s advice can help you avoid many relationship heartaches or at least get through them.

• You are probably, as a sister, familiar with the goofy games and pranks boys play, which on a positive note teach you to be patient; you do not get angry or frustrated easily.

• Girls who have older brothers learn to stand up for themselves and make their voice heard. You tend to be a good fighter literally and figuratively; you do not get pushed around by anyone. The wrestling matches you have with your brother teach you never to give up and to stay strong.

• You are introduced into sports through your older brother, and the chances are you have good memories about enjoying watching ball games with him.

• He teaches you how to compete, which will become an asset as you try to succeed in any career. He gives you great insight into the world of competition dominated by men. He can also help you develop your leadership skills and self- esteem.

• Typically, girls are more emotional than boys, but being grown up with an older brother teaches you to keep your emotions in check.

• Older brothers teach their little sisters how they should be treated by men. The way you let men treat you is more likely what you have learnt from your older brother.


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