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Normal Menstruation Symptoms You Shouldn’t Worry About

During menstruation, there are fluctuation and quick drops and raises in hormones as well as constant contractions from the uterus to shed its lining, which all together cause several symptoms like cramps, mood swings, etc.

Some symptoms are perfectly normal and most women experience during mestruation however other symptoms may not be normal, below are listed the perfectly normal symptoms of menstruation you may be experiencing.

1- Tender Breasts.

Many women experience tender breasts during mestruation that may even get swollen, the problem may cause women to worry about their health, however it is perfectly normal and temporary as a result of fluctuation in Progesterone secretion in the body, as long as the problem resolved itself after menstruation then you shouldn’t worry.

2- Acnes and Zits.

Right around the expected time of your period and during your period you may notice acne and Zits breakouts on your face, this is caused due to an increase in the woman sex hormones and androgens which cause the oil glands to work more actively causing the skin pores to clog and get infected, all you need to do it maintain your skin clen at this time and avoid popping the Zits.

3- Bloated Stomach.

Bloated stomach is another common problem amongst almost eight out of ten women before and during the beginning of their menstruation and it is caused due to water retention caused by increased levels of progesterone, once Progesterone levels drop at the beginning of the menstruation, the problem starts to solve itself.

4- Blood Clots And Brown Discharge.

I think all women notice blood clots with their menstrual blood which may cause some to worry, however it is normal and a harmless part of the natural shedding of Uterine lining process, also the brown discharge before and in the end of the menstruation period is normal and is caused by oxidization that occurs when the blood stay in the uterus for a while and gets old.

Normal Menstruation Symptoms You Shouldn't Worry About

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