Normal And Abnormal Vaginal Discharge And When To Worry

Vaginal discharge is normal and has many purposes, however, abnormal vaginal discharge is something you should monitor closely and pay attention to, panicking and stressing may increase the problem, instead of you trying to find out the cause of the problem yourself, don’t be shy and consult your doctor as soon as you discover some abnormal vaginal discharge.

Discharge related to your menstrual cycle should not be suspected by you, there are many mucus decoration glands in the cervix and around the cervix, around the time of your ovulation, estrogen levels rise, which make these mucus glands work excessively, the discharge you will get would be white or see through watery or egg white like constancy, this discharge is healthy as it helps cleaning your vaginal tube and at the same time allow the sperm to swim upwards to your uterus to allow conceiving.

After ovulation, your vaginal discharge should turn creamy and thick, sometimes it gets whitish due to the effect of progesterone, women vary in regards of the amount of discharge they get, some women get discharge excessively while others only barely notice any.

Abnormal vaginal discharge that indicates infection is mainly not colorless and odorless like normal discharge, Candidiasis is the most common vaginal infection among women of all age ranges, it is a fungal infection that is always a combined with thick cottage cheese like discharge as well as ichiness, swelling and burning pain. Antifungal creams can fix the problem in such a short time.

Viral vulvovaginitis is another common vaginal infection among sexually active women, it is always associated with excessive watery discharge and painful sexual intercourses, this condition can fix itself in no time just with a good personal hygiene and no medical treatment is necessary.

Keep an eye on your vaginal discharge and the phase of your menstrual cycle and the medications your are taking, as soon as you start noticing different color or consistency discharge the what you are used to then it is likely you have some type of infection, a rule of thumb is, if you experience discharge that has strong odor, accompanied with painful itching or sensations, have a different color to your discharge ( not white or clear) then you should consult your doctor immediately.

The most common symptoms for vaginal Infections include.
Thick white clumpy discharge associated with itchiness and swelling.
Green foamy discharge sometimes associated with bad odor.
Foul smelling discharge.
Yellowish, greenish, grayish or brownish discharge.
Discharge accompanied with itchiness, bleeding, pain or swelling.
Discharge that has a different consistency to your usual discharge ie more watery or thicker.

If you experience any of the top symptoms you must make an appointment with your doctor immediately and specially if you are pregnant as vaginal Infections can terminate pregnancy and be prepared to explain the color and consistency of your vaginal discharge.

Normal And Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

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