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Non-melting Chocolate Bar That Lasts In Even 40° Weather

I don’t think there is any woman around the world that doesn’t adore chocolate, we carry chocolate everywhere we go, to work, to school or even to the gym, chocolate is an essential part of my hand bag, but unfortunately it becomes difficult to do that during the summer, the heat cause the chocolate to melt and becomes messy and gooey.

Barry Callebaut a Swiss chocolate manufacturer and one of the largest players in the chocolate wholesale industry found a special formula for non-melting chocolate that can still be solid even in 40 degrees weather.

This new formula will put an end to our fun licking the sweet brown rich liquid leaking on our hands and mouths when our bar of chocolate start melting in the heat.

We still are not sure whether or not this chocolate can be used for cooking or it can melt at all when exposed to really high temperature while cooking.
Most chocolate manufacturers have been trying all those last years to find a perfect recipe for a non-melting bar of chocolate that lasts even in hot weather but doesn’t affect the taste.

Barry Callebaut chief executive Antoine de Saint-Affrique published that this new invention will be a game changer for the chocolate industry.
Now chocolate manufacturers will be able to export to hot countries like the middle East, India, East Asia and Africa which bring up a potential profit of billions.

The news also pleased millions of those sweet toothed chocolate fans living in hot countries as they can now enjoy chocolate without getting messy

Non-melting Chocolate Bar That Lasts In Even 40° Weather

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