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Nine Wrong Habits That Harm Your Skin In The Winter

Caring about your skin in the winter require more than just using moisturizing creams , an essential part of protecting your skin during the winter lays in avoiding the harmful habits that you might be doing unknowingly during the winter season , learn about the Nine Wrong Habits That Harm Your Skin In The Winter to avoid them .

9- Alcohol Based Skin Care Products .

The skincare products that have alcohol and you find really effective in the summer will only harm your skin once the cold temperature hit , alcohol will dry up your skin that already been robbed off moister by the low temperature , low humidity and house heatings , so the first thing to avoid during the winter is any skincare product that have alcohol .

8- Neglecting Sunscreens.

Although you might tell yourself that the sun is off and no harm can be caused by its harmful UV rays to your skin , but you are actually wrong about that , your skin still get effected even on the cloudiest day , make sure to always protect your face with sunscreen with SPF 30 even in the winter .

7- Not Focusing For Your Lips .

Your lips are very tender and they don’t have oil glands to keep them moisturized and protected from the cold dry air and indoor heating , so make sure to always keep your lips moisturized and avoid licking them as the saliva have enzyme that dry up the lips .

6- Taking Long Hot Baths .

There is nothing better than laying in a hot water bath in a cold day but unfortunately that do no good for your skin , in this case you have two options , the first one is to stick with luck warm water or moisturize your whole body right after you finish your bath , you can use natural oils to add to your bathing water like lavender , coconut or olive oil to provide some extra protection to your skin .

5- Using Summer Skin Moisturizing Creams .

Most of the summer moisturizing creams are oil free which works greatly in hotter temperatures but are not good enough for cold and dry weathers , you need to use creams that will bring more moister to your skin instead during the winter .

4- Using Harsh Exfoliants .

During the winter the skin loses a lot of its natural hydration and moist , using harsh scrubbers on your skin will make the problem worse , instead use a mild exfoliant that will leave your skin clear of any dead skin and ready for the moisturizers .

3- Wearing Scratchy Wool Right On Your Skin .

While wool do make you warm but it can cause irritation for the skin , you should wear cotton layers underneath the wool to keep it away from your skin which will protect your already sensitive skin from the scratchy feeling of wool .

2- Indoor Heatings .

Putting up the heating in your home and using dehumidifiers indoor all contribute in absorbing the most off your skin and leaving it dry and lifeless , so make sure to set your heating to no more than 68F.

1- Picking Up On Dry Skin .

Dry skin might feel itchy sometimes , stretching dry skin or picking up on it can make the skin worse and more susceptible to develop eczema, moisturize the dry areas with coconut oil and make sure not to scratch them .

Wrong Habits That Harm Your Skin In The Winter

Nine Wrong Habits That Harm Your Skin In The Winter

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