New Year in Brazil – Happy New Year

Are you looking forward to welcome new year in a unique manner? If your answer is yes, then spending Véspera de Ano Novo or New Year’s Eve in Brazil will guarantee you a one of a kind experience that you can remember for the rest of your life. Brazil is the fifth largest country of South America, yet hosts the largest annual carnivals for New Year.

Brazilians consider New Year’s Eve as the most important time of the year, and they celebrate the occasion with spectacular scenes of traditional festivals on the beaches of Brazil. Major hotels, clubs and pubs also get crowded with people who gather for balls and partying all night.

Free concerts were performed before at stages in Copacabana beach by famous singers such a Madonna and bands such as the Black Eyed Peas, and such performances are expected to repeat in the coming New Year celebrations.

The majority of the residents of Brazil are Christian yet believers of the Macumba religion take over the ceremonies of the night. For instance, about 2 million persons garmented in white gather on Copacabana beach of Rio de Janeiro to toss flowers and candles in the sea as offerings to Iemanjá, the Goddess of the Water. Eating lentils and rice is another custom which signifies receiving good fortune and blessings throughout a person’s life.

New Year’s Eve night sky in Brazil glimmers for about half an hour or more with festive fireworks that says goodbye to the past year and welcomes the new one with positive emotions.

After the fireworks, locals and tourists savor Brazilian cultural dishes such as rice, farofa (tapoica grains flavored with spice), chicken, salads and marajucá (a Brazilian fruit) mousse. Celebrations includes as well include chanting and playing music while salsa dancing is performed in harmony.

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