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New Practical and Unusual Uses Of Potatoes You Can Try Now

Potatoes are one of the four most consumed crops in the world after rice, wheat and corn. It is cultivated in almost all climates and used widely in numerous dishes. This filling Starchy vegetable is rich in vitamin C, B6, Pantothenic acid, manganese, niacin and phosphorus. You can enjoy it baked, roasted, sautéed, mashed or in a soup.
Apart from all the nice ways you can enjoy eating potatoes, potatoes can be very handy for other purposes around your house. Here’s a list of very practical uses of potatoes.

1- Removes Rust.

Potatoes can be surprisingly effective to remove mild rust from old metal kitchen or gardening utensils. Thanks to the oxalic acid content in potato, just rubbing a slice of potato on the area where the rust presents will dissolve it, remove it from the surface and restore the former Shininess of the metal.

2- Reduce Excess salt.

While cooking a stew or a soup, you could accidentally add more salt the needed, so rather than throwing away the whole dish or having to punish your family with its saltiness, you can use potato slices to absorb the salt. All you have to do is ten minutes before your soup is ready, cut thick slices of potatoes and put them in the pot, leave the slices there on low fire for ten minutes then remove them and the saltiness of your dish will be perfect again.

3- Removed Food Stains From The Skin.

If you are cutting carrots, beetroots, cherries, eggplant or dealing with turmeric powder, your hands can get slightly stained which can be annoying. So rather than scrubbing your hands over and over with soap, just use a slice of potato to scrub the stained areas and you will be surprised how they will get the job done in no time.

4- Make Decorative Stamps.

Due to the sturdy texture of potatoes, you can be creative and make decorative stamps to enjoy activities with your children.
Just cut a medium size potato in half and carve the shape you want on the potato using a pen.
Then use a thin knife and slice away the extra potato parts.
Paint the shape you made and stamp in on cards or envelopes, it can be a great way to teach your children shapes.

5- Shines Silverware.

There’s no more need to expensive chemical silver polishes, a few potatoes will get the job done for you and will restore the Shininess of your silverware without effort.
Just grate two medium size potatoes, put them in a pot with enough water to cover them more than twice.
Bring to boil then switch off the fire.
Strain the solution and soak your silverware in there for one hour.
Take the silverware and brush them gently with a toothbrush and rinse with water.

New Practical and Unusual Uses Of Potatoes You Can Try Now

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