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New Things You Can Use Dryer Sheets for

We usually just use dryer sheets for making our newly laundered clothes soft, fresh smelling and static free. However, if that is all what you are using your dryer sheets for, then you are really wasting their worth. Use your dryer sheets for the following uses to save money and resources.

1- Dryer sheets are used to free not just your clothes, but also your hair of static. Just smoothen your hair with a dryer sheet that will suck away all static. Many people use dryer sheets for this to the extent that companies now manufacture special sheets for removing static from clothes and hair.

2- Your covers and blankets might get a weird stuffy smell while they are being kept away in your drawers at summer time. Put few dryer sheets between the folds of your duvets, blankets and covers to prevent stuffy smells.

3- Does your arms feel tired from your bathroom cleaning workout? Make bathroom cleaning chore much easier by using dryer sheets for cleaning off scum and soap residue instead of usual brushes.

4- It is not easy to clean electronics, since you cannot use damp towels because of electrocution risks. So use a dryer sheet instead. It will make your electronic gadgets and devices clean safely.

5- Your shoes can be the source of the worst odors possible, and that is because of the bacteria and fungus that gathers in the dark unaired space inside your shoes. Put a couple of dryer sheets inside your shoes to suck off the moisture and give your shoes a nice smell.

6- Do you know that your dryer can cause fire if it is clogged with lint? Remove the lint very easily with a dryer sheet. The lint will stick to the dryer sheet right away.

7- Don’t you really hate it when cat hair sticks to your couch? What makes it stick is static, so use a dryer sheet to gather the cat hair quickly and easily.

Use Dryer Sheets for

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